A Pleasing Design

Fleetwood Place has been designed around the concept of Residential Neighbourhoods.

Within each Residential Neighbourhood you are part of an intimate and neighbourly circle of friends.
Your Residential Neighbourhood has its own dedicated care team. You get to know the staff, and the staff gets to know your individual needs.

Each Residential Neighbourhood is in a self-contained wing made up of single occupancy bedrooms and double occupancy room. The bedrooms are meticulously decorated with treasured furnishings and art objects brought in by residents and their families and friends to recreate the ambience of the homes they loved and treasured.

Outside every bedroom, each resident has a lockable illuminated showcase to display mementos, photographs and souvenirs.

Each neighbourhood also has a central lounge, a dining room and activity space.
You’ll find a calm and peaceful atmosphere here. It’s great for relaxing and socializing, reading or watching television.

The interior landscaped courtyard and lush gardens surrounding the two-storey building offer pleasing window views from all bedrooms. Of course, there’s also unrestricted access to outdoor gardens and balcony patio areas for you to enjoy the open air.

Safety with Comfort

Every facet of Fleetwood Place has been designed and built to meet your safety and security needs.

Spacious, wide corridors throughout the building make for great continuous walking loops for regular exercise. All corridors are fitted with handrails, and are continuously monitored by security cameras. An advanced nurse call system provides continuous monitoring and security for all residents
Lifting devices are available for residents that require transfer assistance.

You can also enjoy the open air in the central, landscaped courtyard. It’s a safe and secure haven for residents and visitors alike. The courtyard is easily accessible from the lower floor.

Residents on the upper floor can also enjoy the landscape vista and open air from the two large decks, overlooking the courtyard.