We offer a host of in-house services which enhance our high quality programs. It is our goal to provide our residents with high quality comprehensive care.

In-House Services Include

  • Social Services: Our Social Worker is available to assist as requested.
  • Occupational Therapy Services:   Our Occupational Therapist will analyze your needs for mobility devices.
  • Nutrition Services: Upon admission, your dietary and nutritional needs will be assessed and continuously monitored by the Consultant Dietician, who is a member of the interdisciplinary care team.
  • Physiotherapy Services: Our physiotherapist assesses your mobility function and recommends an exercise program to improve or maintain your overall mobility function. Participation is your choice.

Other Services provided by Independent Practitioners

(additional charges may be incurred)

  • Dental Services: A mobile Dental clinic visits twice a year
  • Foot Care: Foot Care nurses visit every two months.
  • Optometrist: Annual visit
  • Psychiatrist: Monthly visit 


Mealtimes are an important part of everyone’s day. It’s a time, when you and your fellow residents gather together in one of our four intimate dining rooms to enjoy a tasty and nutritious home-style cooked meal.

Menus are designed to provide variety to please your palate and fulfill your nutritional needs. Our home-style cooked meals are prepared with fresh ingredients and in a variety of familiar foods that is well presented. The menus are created on a 4-week cycle and is based on Canada’s Food Guide.

All three meals are served by table-side service (no cafeteria here). You place your order and how much you want. The main meal of the day is served in the evening, consisting of a hot main entrée with vegetables and a starch. A lighter meal is served at noon.

A kitchenette next to the Family Room is available if you or your family want to prepare a special family meal. The Family Room can be reserved for private dining if your family wishes to celebrate a special occasion.

Proper Nutrition and More

  • We follow Canada’s Food Guide by offering a seasonal choice and a variety of balanced and healthy meals
  • A Dietician will assess and monitor your dietary and nutritional needs
  • Homelike, intimate dining rooms
  • Theme meals are served during festive and special celebrations
  • We are ready to meet special dietary needs
  • Snacks are always available

The Food Council, made up of resident and family representatives, meets monthly and provides feedback on dining experience and makes suggestions and requests.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Your bedroom and en-suite bathroom are regularly cleaned by our own in-house housekeeping staff.

All bed linen and towels are supplied and laundered for you. We will also wash all personal clothing, and a domestic washer and dryer is also available if you or your family prefer to do your own laundry.


You have access to hairdressing services in a fully functional and spacious in-house hair salon. You can enjoy haircuts, shampoos or perms for a minimal charge.

Bathing at Fleetwood Place

It’s sophisticated yet simple. Each neighbourhood has its own electronically controlled, height-adjustable bathtub and lifts. The bathing systems include safety features such as temperature-controlled water inlets and automated purifying systems to eliminate the possibility of infections. The entire experience is warm, safe and comfortable.